Larsa Pippen On If Scottie Pippen Knew About Her & Future Dating: It Was A Respectable Relationship

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Larsa Pippen On If Scottie Pippen Knew About Her & Future Dating: It Was A Respectable Relationship

Larsa Pippen has been a little chatty lately. Now, the reality star and former BFF of Kim Kardashian West is opening up about her romance with rapper Future

During a recent interview, she confirmed that she and NBA all-star Scottie Pippen had decided to go their separate ways when she started seeing Future in 2015.

“We were kind of living our separate lives. I was in Miami, he was in Arkansas and our house in Chicago. I started going out… You have to remember I have four kids. I never went out without him. I never did anything. My whole life, my 20s and half of my 30s was raising kids and taking care of Scottie’s stuff. I managed his whole life. He didn’t even know where he banked. I did all of our stuff. I handled all of our investments. I handled all of our stuff. So, at this point I’m like ‘It’s just not enough. I don’t feel fulfilled.'”

When asked if Scottie Pippen knew she had started dating Future, she said:

“It was definitely a respectable relationship. It was like we were friends and we needed each other at that moment. I think people make more of it. I think it’s better conversation for people to say ‘Oh she cheated on him.’… It was none of that. Scottie wasn’t even living at home with me.”

“I would never ask him what he was doing, he would never ask me what I was doing. It wasn’t how you’re thinking it was.”

She said she and Future met at a dinner party in Miami and they clicked right away. She explained their first date and said:

“It was pretty interesting. He definitely wasn’t what I thought he was going to be like. He was definitely very romantic and different than I expected him to be… I expected him to give me some lyrics… It was just on a very normal type of situation. I love him, he’s the best, he’s great.

We literally spoke for like seven hours the first time I ever saw him. I told him all my life and why I am where I am today. He kind of gave me his whole life, where he was in his life. We related on the most simple, organic way. I didn’t need anything from him, he didn’t need anything from me. We were just two people trying to figure our way. I felt like I was stuck in a marriage that I wasn’t really happy in. He was trying to find his way too. It was super organic and simple.”

Larsa Pippen

As for why they ended things, she said:

“It’s kind of hard when you gotta be on stage, you gotta travel. It’s just so much pressure… When two people have a standard that’s kind of high, it’s hard… I have to chase him but I want to be chased. He has to chase me but he has a career. I just feel like sometimes it’s better to date somebody that’s super low profile, not on the road every day, just a normal, simple life… I’m trying to figure it out.”

She added that she’s single right now but then added:

“My DMs are pretty full, I’m not gonna lie. I feel like the ages just keep getting younger and younger. Are there no more 40-year-olds? Are there no more 35 year-olds?”

She added that some of them are actually celebrities.

“I must be on a hit list. There must be a Larsa challenge or something.”

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