Gloria Govan Is Getting Married Again Next Summer

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, Gloria Govan further explains why she and Matt Barnes didn’t have time to allow the VH1 cameras to film their big day. In fact, she suggests it was totally spontaneous.

“I think that got really misconstrued. It wasn’t that I went to Vegas to get married. We went to Vegas for my sister’s birthday. And actually that’s when it happened–it was very unplanned, very random, and it was cool. It was something that was not planned at all…I flew out who was important to me. It happened within hours of making that decision. I mean I got married in jeans and a tank top, you know. There was no white dress. There wasn’t a veil. There wasn’t a ‘everyone come to Vegas because we’re getting married’ [announcement]. It was very random.”

Gloria also shared that although they did the quick justice of the peace wedding, she does have plans for a fancy, tricked out wedding (my words, not hers):

“We’re going to do a bigger wedding this summer coming up in Santa Barbara. Matt’s very traditional. We’re definitely going to do it big this summer.”

What are your thoughts on Gloria’s spontaneous wedding?