Mike Epps Says ‘Last Friday’ Movie Is Fake, ‘We not doing sh*t!’

We stand corrected. A few months ago, we reported that rapper/writer/producer, Ice Cube (real O’Shea Jackson) would be putting his 1995 “Friday” movie series to rest with a final film. And while Cube confirmed reports in an interview with MTV that the final movie, Last Friday, was a go, we’ve received conflicting reports. Over the weekend, a new poster hit the net:

But according to Mike Epps, reports about ‘Last Friday’ are false. On twitter, he wrote:

THAT last friday sh*t THEY PUT up IS fake WE not doin sh*t until New Line SAY SO! THAT last friday TWITTER account IS fake WE dont Know HIS *SS unfollow HIS *SS!! GROUPIE

Welp, there ya have it. And in other ‘Big Screen’ News, Chris Tucker is filming ‘Rush Hour 4’. Read the full story at EURWeb.