[Photos] A Day In the Life of Future Reality Star, Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo Gets A Mani/Pedi from His Daughters

Don’t front. You had no clue who Shawty Lo (real name Carlos Walker) was or what he had been up to before news hit of his reality show ‘All My Baby Mama’s’. And it’s okay, we’ve got you covered. From what we read (thanks to our comment section and twitter responses), the majority of you aren’t too sure you’re into seeing a show about Shawty and his 10 baby mama’s.

Shawty Makes It Rain @ Blue Flame Strip Club

And believe me, we get it. But we’re gonna try to sell you on it, anyway! Kidding. Anywho, we sifted through his social media life just to get a sense of who he is, outside of reality TV…and from what we gather he loves, strippers, his kids and family life. Check him out.

Shawty Takes Care of His Sick Daughter

Shawty & The Kids Kick It In the Jacuzzi (I love their plastic bags LOL…save the hair, y’all!)