[Video] Tank Talks Being Single, What His Ideal Woman Looks Like + Being Clowned On Twitter

1st Annual GRAMMY Producers Brunch

Recently we caught up with one of R&B’s favorite sex symbols, singer/songwriter/producer Tank (real name Durrell Babbs). In addition to being eye-candy for the ladies (and gents for that matter), the Grammy Award nominated artist is very musically inclined (outside of his vocals, he plays the piana, drums, etc.) and he’s recently teamed up to form TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank). I recently caught up with him during the GRAMMYs weekend and we talked music, love (yep, I got up in his personal business…although he did shut me down a bit) and even talked about how he got clowned on twitter about taking a photo in a house with a lawn chair. Peep a few excerpts below:

On his favorite part of Grammy Award weekend:

It’s just the interaction from all of my peers for everyone to be in the same place. It’s cool for everyone to be like ‘yo that’s my favorite song’ or ‘I need you on my song’.

On upcoming musical projects: 

I have my own mixtape and the end of February called High Piano Dreams. It has a lot of dope features but I’m keeping it quite. I also have the TGT (Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese) single getting ready to drop in like a week entitled Sex Ain’t Never Felt Better. I’m working on my own artist out of Brooklyn and another artist by the name Chris Stevenson.

On three things his ideal woman must have:

Spirituality, at least know who god is talk to him at least once or twice in your life. Sense of humor and boss like characteristics.

On being clowned on twitter about a photo that he posted of himself: 

I’m just having a good time I’m just happy to be here. I’m silly if you get to serious abut it you find yourself in a very dark place by yourself. I found myself in the trap getting my hair cut I took a picture of it and it went from there. I loved it though it was funny.

Watch the full interview below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta