[WATCH] This Weeks ‘Scandal’, Season 2: Episode 15

scandal-season 2-episode 15-the jasmine brand

Titled, ‘Boom Goes the Dynamite‘, the twists and turns continue this week on ABC’s ‘Scandal‘. Olivia seems to take baby steps towards moving on, falling for another man (Capt. Jake Ballard) who is actually being paid to stalk her, by the President (Fitz). Meanwhile, Fitz is nursing his hurt and disappointment by taking a sip (what is that Scotch?) throughout the entire episode. We finally find out what’s taken Huck over the edge (as he tails David Rosen), while the actual client of the episode is the Caldwell family. Liv and her team have been ordered to deliver Will (who is running for governor of North Carolina) a picture perfect wife (no, he’s not gay). Anywho, we’ve ruined it enough for you. Check out this week’s episode below.

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