Radio Confessions Continue : Dollicia Bryan Speaks Out, Denies Relationship With DJ Envy

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The drama in DJ Envy’s life doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. If you’ve been paying attention lately, then you know that Envy, real name Raashaun Casey, admitted on the air of his hit morning show, “The Breakfast Club,” to having an affair with Erica Mena. While DJ Envy had some not-so-nice things to say about Erica, Erica responded and said that the two were in a relationship for a long time and she didn’t know he was married. What’s more? It seems another name that you may know has been added to Envy’s list, and she goes by the name of Dollicia Bryan. If you’re not familiar with the name, Dollicia is a video model who was also rumored to have dated Drake. mentioned that the New York City DJ also had an affair with her, but Dollicia quickly denied the allegations. In a statement to Vibe Vixen, she explained:

“As a woman and a mother I was appalled at the false accusation published on the gossip blog, that I dated or had any type of relationship with DJ Envy, a married man. That accusation is false and has irreparable damage to my character and reputation. I can’t speak for the other women mentioned, but as a woman of integrity and a single mother, I would never break up a family or be a bridge between a man and his wife. I am a firm believer in karma and I would never want something of that magnitude to proceed me. It’s unfortunate that in the Entertainment industry if I take a picture with a celebrity on a red carpet, the media automatically links me with that person to make a great headline. I get that this is something I signed up for, but I draw the line in the sand when a gossip blog links me with a married man without any plausible evidence or credible fact checking.”

Now if you know anything about New York radio, members of “The Breakfast Club” don’t get along with Funkmaster Flex and members of Hot 97. So do you believe that Envy had an inappropriate relationship with Dollica or was this just a malicious plot by Flex?

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