New Yorkers Can Surrender Their Guns And Win Beyonce Tickets + Beyonce Unveils New Wedge Sneaker

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In effort to rid NYC streets of guns, hip hop mogul/manager Michael ‘Blue’ Williams (he’s managed folk like Cee-Lo Green, Outkast, Scarface etc.) has lent his money and celebrity to help prevent crime. The head of Family Tree Entertainment, has joined forces with NYPD to form the city’s first private-sector gun buyback program. And if you’re thinking those who turn in their heat only receive cash, you’re wrong. Reportedly, plans are underway to offer a mentorship program AND Beyonce concert tickets. Blue explains:

“The Beyoncé show is coming to Brooklyn; the Jay-Z show is coming to Yankee Stadium. Our goal is to reach out to individuals who are in my industry, in my world and who I have an association with and get their support. I think we should all work together to help get guns off the streets.”

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly confirmed plans, telling the NY Daily News:

“We want to get as many guns off the streets, and if this works, we’d like to support it.”

And in more Beyonce news, Beyonce has designed a new Isabel Marant wedge sneaker, custom designed by PMK. PMK describes the shoe:

Continuing this custom in 2013, PMK starts the year off with another worlds first, taking the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge to the cobbling block to create a one-of-a-kind design for R&B Royalty and POP sensation Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Summoned by King Bee and given the task to create a custom design worthy of her approval, PMK takes the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge back to the beginning of time and gives it what they call the Eden treatment. A hybrid of land and sea skins are used to create this handcrafted creation. Stingray, Ostrich, calfs fur, Crocodile, and Anaconda give the already impeccable design atitude and the tones of white mixed with gold stitched details produces a feeling of  elegance, mimicking the southern belle’s sweet and fierce persona. Perfectly made describes this design best.

No word on the price point or release date yet.

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What are your thoughts of the wedge sneaker?