Amber Rose Tells Critics To Shut The Eff Up About Baby Sabastian’s Weed Socks

amber rose-defends son-sabastians weed socks-the jasmine brand

An innocent photo of Sabastian (affectionately called ‘Baby Bash’) has a few folk (and maybe even parents) in an uproar. Over the weekend, Amber Rose (his famous mama) posted a photo of Wiz Khalifa (his famous daddy)  holding their two month old son. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, he was rockin’ a fancy pair of socks with marijuana leaves on them and Amber shared the photo on Instagram, writing:

Like father like son #HUFsocks :-)

And apparently, the new parents caught some criticism. This week, Wendy Williams weighed in on Baby Bash’s weed socks.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.22.16 PM

During her ‘Hot Topics’ segment, she commented:

So here’s my thought–my thought is Sabastian is only less than two months old. And I get it that Wiz loves to smoke his weed, I get that it marijuana is soon to legalized everywhere, but I just feel it’s gone too far by posting this picture. And I’m no cornball; I’m a cool lady–especially at home. There are some things that are suppose to be at home things…That’s close door conversation; it’s not to be Instagram’ed. Oh you crazy kids.

And I don’t know if Wendy’s comments were icing on the cake, but Muva Rose Bud seemed a bit peeved about folks telling her what to do w/ her very own child. She tweeted:

amber rose-defends sons weed socks-the jasmine brand

Ouch. Does she have a point–should folk mind their business, when it comes to other peoples’ child? Or were Wendy Williams’ comments out of line?