FLOTUS Calls Amanda Berry Case, ‘A Parent’s Worst Nightmare’

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Always staying on the pulse of current events, First Lady Michelle Obama offers up her latest insight on the breaking news surrounding the heroic efforts of a young woman named Amanda Berry. By now you may have heard that 27 year-old Berry and two other women were held captive for over a decade in a home in Cleveland, Ohio. Berry is credited with breaking out and calling for the help which ultimately led to their rescue. In a recent interview with Café Mocha RadioFLOTUS chatted about the fears that every parent faces, how the country can grow forward from this crisis, and the Obamas’ support for Amanda and the other victims. Peep the excerpts below.

On Relief That The Women Were Found:

It is a mother’s, a parent’s worst nightmare that your child goes missing. So I can only imagine the sheer joy that they’re feeling first of all that these people that they love, these young girls, are okay.

On Moving Forward After The Tragedy:

I think the next steps are going to be to make sure that these families come out this situation with some kind of wholeness and that’s gonna take the support of their communities.

On The Obama’s Offering Their Support:

Our thoughts and prayers go out, but it is probably the best gift that someone a family could have is to be reconnected with a loved one that they though perhaps might be dead. We will keep them in our prayers.

Listen to the entire interview below.


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