G Herbo Reportedly In Talks Of A Plea Deal In Fraud Case

G Herbo Reportedly In Talks Of A Plea Deal In Fraud Case

Update #2 (May 7th): Chicago rapper G Herbo is said to be in talks of taking a plea deal in fraud charges against him.

Attorney Andrew E. Lelling wrote in court documents, according to All Hip Hop: 

“The parties have engaged in preliminary plea negotiations, but it is premature to determine whether this case will be resolved with guilty plea(s).”

He could make a decision as early as August of this year. Another status hearing is scheduled at that time once the defense has evaluated the evidence against their clients.  If G Herbo does go to trial, it’s expected to last roughly a month.

Original Story (May 6th): G Herbo (real name Herbert Randall Wright III) is facing new legal troubles for supposedly lying to a federal agent.

 As you may recall, G Herbo was hit with charges of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft in late 2020. The “Never Cared” rapper and five others allegedly used stolen credit card info from the deep web to fund lavish vacations and luxury items.

G Herbo pleaded not guilty to these allegations. Shortly thereafter, he referenced the allegations on “Statement,” rapping:

“Let’s talk about them jets, yeah, let’s talk about Jamaica (Come on)/ Can ask about me, I ain’t never been a fraud, I went hard from the start (The start)/ In my city I’m a god…/ If you know you know/ Never been no phony though.”

However, it now looks like G Herbo has another legal dilemma on his hands! The Chicago rapper allegedly lied to an FBI agent in November 2018 about his relationship with Antonio Strong, the supposed ringleader behind the fraud scheme. As a result of these new charges, G Herbo could receive up to five years behind bars.

In legal documents obtained by The Shade Room, viewers can read the direct accusations levied against G Herbo. In part, the document reads:

“Herbert Wright III, a/k/a ‘Herb,’ ‘Lil Herb,’ ‘G Herbo,’ and ‘Herbert Light,’ knowingly and willfully made the following materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements and representations in a matter within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the Government of the United States, that is, during a voluntary interview with a special agent of the United States Secret Service and a special agent of the (FBI).”

It looks like G Herbo won’t be done with courtroom business for a while longer.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley