[VIDEO] Comedian Monique Clarifies She Wanted An Open Marriage: ‘That Had Nothing To Do With My Husband’

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Comedian turned actress, Monique, is shrinking y’all. This week, she stopped by Hot 97, dishing about her weight loss, clarifying what she meant by having an ‘open relationship’ with her husband of seven years, along with how she feels about her late night talk show on BET.

Peep a few excerpts:

On why she admires Charles Ramsey:

Because I admire that brother and I really appreciate what he did. And you know you hear the jokes and I understand..No, he don’t have no teeth. It’s a lot goin’ on, but Charles when we come to Cleveland, you have tickets to the show. I admire that brother. That took a lot of courage. Because normally we mind our business, normally folks don’t get involved. And he was so honest, baby. That brother saved lives.

On her weight lost:

I tweet every morning my workouts because I wanted women to see, (especially us big women) you don’t have to let them cut and suck it out. You don’t hafta let them staple you up, you don’t hafta let them give you a pill. If you just put the work in baby, I promise you, it comes off. Now, I’m three years in….The weight right now….two weeks ago it was 218. My goal is between 190 and 200. When I watch ‘The Parkers’ and I watch the reruns, I know I was tipping about, close to 300. I am thee best Monique I’ve ever been in my life. I feel amazing.

The last time she was at her current weight:

Never. Never. In my mind, things never got sideways until someone brought it to my attention, which is my husband. When I had to step back and look at the damage I was doing to myself, made me say ‘Sis, you got these babies’.

On what food she enjoyed eating, pre-diet:

Buffalo wings, Doritios dipped in blue cheese at the same damn time. You were eating whatever you wanted. There were junkies in my family and there still are junkies in my family. And I use to judge them. I was a food junkie.

Why her show on BET ended:

Let me say this about the experience, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We wanted folk to go to bed and feel good. Those two years were amazing. I wish I could give you the answer. I honestly don’t know what happened with the Monique Show. You should maybe ask Ms. Debra Lee because I don’t wanna assume. I can’t give you an swer to that. But what I will say to the people, we thank you. It was a show for our community, baby. It was so diverse; it was for everybody.

If she’d consider doing another talk show:

I had a great time doing it and who knows what the universe is doing.

What she meant years ago, when she said that she and her husband had an open relationship:

Let me define this really quick. See, that happened nothing to do with my husband. When I did that interview, I didn’t realize the king that I had. I was just being old Monique. Listen, the road is what it is. It goes for men and women. I felt like well this is just how it is. People automatically went to my husband. It had nothing to do with that. It actually backfired. I thought I was saying to women you can enjoy your cake and eat it too. It backfired. Now that I understand what I have, baby listen, there’s not another man on the face of this earth that can compare to mine. In my humble opinion. That’s just for me. When you really take the energy and pay attention to your relationship….and love him in a way that your mama didn’t teach you how to love a man, don’t neither one of y’all wanna go nowhere. Treat ’em like a King if you wanna be treated like a Queen–it works.

Further defining what an ‘open relationship’ means to her:

We are open and we’re open because we’re honest. When I said an open relationship people automatically thought sex,sex,sex. An open relationship means to us, there are no secrets.There’s nothing that my husband doesn’t know about me and there nothing I don’t know about him. Some people are laying with strangers. When it’s open, y’all so honest. Sisters if you got a good one baby honor him. It’s nothing wrong with being submissive. It’s nothing wrong with loving him, all of it. We treat each other good right now in life, the best we can and then that way when you’re loving good, everything around you is good.