[Video] Nicki Minaj Says She Regrets Not Performing At Summer Jam, Says She Doesn’t Respect Rosenberg’s Resume

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If you’re a hip hop head and/or a fan of Hot 97’s annual ‘Summer Jam‘ concert, then you don’t even need a backstory surrounding this beef. The quick and dirty is that last year, Nicki Minaj was scheduled to perform and basically headline the concert. A few hours before she came on, Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg, made a comment to concert goers that Nicki’s song, Starships, wasn’t real hip hop (click here to watch the clip). Word got back to Nicki’s camp and she, along with all of Young Money pulled out of the show. Back and forth went down and this week, for the first time both Nicki and Rosenberg talked the entire thing out. Peep a few excerpts.

Overall, how she feels about the entire Summer Jam beef: 

It’s cool. I can’t even act like I care anymore. But I appreciate you’ll having me.

Why she regrets on performing, regardless of Rosenberg’s comments: 

This is the thing, in hindsight, I should’ve just did the show because I’ve never allowed anyone to make me, let my fans down. And even if it wasn’t a Nicki Minaj fan, just  a fan in general. I should’ve just came out, because it’s my hometown. They shouldn’t have been brought into whatever we were going through. They had nothing to do with that. When I thought abou it, a whole bunch off people were punished.

Why she didn’t respect Rosenberg giving his opinion:

You know what? I get it, that’s what you do. To me, I just don’t know your resume. I never found you funny. I never found you smart. I just found you annoying.

I know Angie and I know Flex, I just know their resume. With you, I was just like, ‘Who are you?’ To me, you don’t have enough of a resume to make those comments. For whatever reason, our paths were meant to cross like that. I just didn’t know what your character was. I didn’t know what you represented on this station.

If she ever heard or saw the audio of Rosenberg commenting about the song: 

No. Never not once.

Why she isn’t bothered if people don’t like ‘Starships’: 

I don’t give a rats ass if people don’t like Starships. I am not your typical rapper. I just did the biggest TV show in the world, for God’s sakes. When I step out and do a pop song, a lot of people are disappointed by that. I wanted to experiment. My whole career has been a playing field for me to try new things. I don’t like when black people put a limit on what they do. I won, doing it. It wouldn’t probably have been a big deal if Starships didn’t sell that much. I don’t know how Imma feel after the third album and I’ve been doing all rap features. Kill, kill, kill, kill everything. I just wanted to play with my craft and that’s why ‘Monster’ became a big deal. Everybody was afraid to be fun, to be playful, to be a character. I studied acting. This is what I do. I’ve aways been multi-faceted.

If Rosenberg being white, bothered her: 

Being white also struck a chord from me. I was like ‘Yo, he’s on a black station, dissing black people.’ I just didn’t like the feeling. But it did come across crazy, there’s ten guys on the line-up.

Why she thinks the gay and transgender community love her so much: 

I know what it’s like to be judged, for being different. I never thought I’d be somebody gay guys liked. At the time, I was saying stuff, on freestyles….Now I get it. I wasn’t saying it like ‘This’ll make lesbian’s like me’. And I can compliment woman. I can compliment beauty and fat *sses.

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Who has the hottest body in the game: 

People like, famous people don’t really turn me on. It be like the chick in the cut. The ’round the way girl; that’s the girl. I’m in the game. Girls in the game can look how they wanna look after photoshop and all that stuff.

How she feels working with Cameron Diaz, in the new movie ‘The Other Woman’: 

She’s so secure as a woman. She doesn’t take herself too serious. As we’re acting, I’m just learning so much. She’ll come and talk to me and treat me like a regular person.  Now, on the movie set, I’m so happy. It’s just a great vibe.

Why here negative experiences with men, growing up, make her a tough business woman: 

I  handle my business and also, I speak up for myself. But if I was not like this, so many people would have taken advantage of me. When I was doing this, I took a lot of shit from people. There’s a chip on your shoulder because you’ve experienced head strong men and I experienced my mom not speaking up as much as I wanted her too. That’s kinda like where that comes from.

Watch the full interview below.