[New Music] Listen Up! Is Nicki Minaj Coming For Rihanna Or Mariah Carey On Ciara’s ‘I’m Out’ Song?

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Quick and dirty backstory–the elementary version. Ciara and Nicki Minaj are friends. Ciara and Rihanna are not friends. Today, Ciara dropped a new song, titled ‘I’m Out’, featuring Nicki Minaj. Now this is pure speculation, but a new Minaj lines like

You gon play me, on Instagram tryna shade me?


Ayo Ci Ci, let me show you how to do a singing bitch greasy!

make folk believe that she’s referring to none other than Rihanna. Meanwhile, a few other folk think that Nicki is referring to her American Idol season long beef with Mariah Carey. Nonetheless, the track will be on Ciara’s album due July 9. Take a listen below.

P.S. In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Ciara explained her version of her beef with RiRi, stating: I’ve said all that I need to say about her. I’m totally in a different space and it’s all positivity and love from my perspective and how I get down. And I wish her well.
Let’s see if RiRi barks back. P.S.S. We stand corrected, Nicki took to twitter Thursday afternoon, clearing the air.
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