No Shade, But Lil Mo Says She Was Never A Good Fit for ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’

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With the premiere of R&B Divas LA a little more than a month away, cast member (and most certain breakout star) Lil Mo’ recently revealed that she passed on the opportunity to join the Atlanta cast. In an interview with S2S magazine, the 34-year-old singer explained she wasn’t a ‘good fit.’ Peep the excerpts below.

On Joining The Atlanta Cast:

I got a call asking if I was I interested [in ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’] and I really wanted to know who the cast was going to be – I mean Atlanta was cool but the type of artists they are, it just didn’t seem like a fit. I’m more hip-hop and R&B and that ATL scene just was a different vibe. Faith Evans was the most mainstream artist on there. So I wasn’t sure about joining the Atlanta one, but when the LA opportunity came around, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is more my style.”

Thoughts On The LA Cast:

The cast [of ‘R&B Divas LA’] includes Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le. I know a couple of people might make you say, ‘Damn. I didn’t even know they were still alive, but dammit when I saw the roster I was like, ‘Oh, wow.’ I’m happy to be in the company of some great singers.

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Why She Joined The Show:  

I thought that coming back with TV would be the best way to introduce me as an artist and with music. I have a lot of things coming up – new album, new TV show, just a whole new life. It’s like I have been born again and the only one who could orchestrate this rebirth this way is God.”

‘R&B Divas LA’ premieres July 10 on TV One.

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