Drake’s Security Removed ‘Uninvited’ Podcaster Bobbi Althoff From His Party, Despite Rapper Not Being In Attendance, Sources Say

Drake, Bobbi Althoff

Drake’s Security Removed ‘Uninvited’ Podcaster Bobbi Althoff From His Party, Despite Rapper Not Being In Attendance, Sources Say

Looks like there’s still some beef between Drake and Bobbi Althoff.

Sources say the podcaster was removed from the musician’s SXSW party recently after she showed up to the event uninvited.

The incident reportedly went down on Monday (March 11th) at the film conference in Austin, Texas. Following the premiere of the forthcoming docuseries Magic City: An American Fantasy, co-produced by Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham’s DreamCrew Entertainment, the musician’s team held an after party at the Mayfair nightclub, which he was notably not present for. While a host of celebs such as T.I., 2 Chainz, and Killer Mike were welcomed at the event, attendees said things shifted when Althoff showed up. One source stated:

“I have no idea how she got in because she was not invited by organizers or hosts of the event.”

Bobbi Althoff


“If you look up the past history between her and Drake, it’s easy to see why she wasn’t invited – and why she was removed as soon as possible.”

Drake, Bobbi Althoff

If you recall, tension between Drake and Althoff has only mounted since the music star’s appearance on content creator’s podcast last summer. The two engaged in awkward conversation during the viral episode, which was removed from Althoff’s YouTube page days after it was posted.

Speculations began that the two had a sexual encounter, resulting in the podcaster’s marriage coming to an end. Both Drake and Althoff have continuously denied that there is any truth to the story. However, it’s noted that Althoff’s husband cited in divorce documents their split happened around the time affair rumors were circulating.

Later reports alleged that the two actually fell out because of Althoff’s behavior after Drake invited her to his concert. The internet star was reportedly upset at only being given general admission tickets and grew more frustrated when she was denied backstage access after the performance. Althoff also posted a video of herself at the concert, unamused in what is assumed to have been a comedy bit.

However, it seems Drake was even less amused. Reports state that after the concert, the rap star’s team contacted Althoff’s, asking her to remove the podcast episode and the concert skit. Neither have spoken directly to the nature of their relationship at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson