[New Music] J. Cole Uses His Own Imperfections For ‘Crooked Smile’ Feat. TLC

j cole-new music-crooked smile-tlc-the jasmine brand

Who knew–Men have serious physical imperfections too? J.Cole uses his own slight insecurity, the fact that his teeth aren’t picture perfect straight, as the subject for his new single ‘Crooked Smile‘. Snagging TLC for the hook, he starts by rhyming:

They tell me I should fix my grill, cuz I got money now//I ain’t gon sit around and front like I ain’t thought about it.

A perfect smile is more appealing, but it’s funny how//My shit is crooked look how far I don’t got without it

I keep my twisted grilll just to show the kids is real//We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still

I got smart I got rich And I got b*tches still // And they all look like my eyebrows thick as hell

Check it out below.

jcole-crooked smile-new music-the jasmien brand