[WATCH] Beyonce Fans Recount Winning Contest & Show Off Their Mean Dancing Skills

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Beyonce fans and BFFs Augusto and Catarina had the time of their life, as one of the winners of Beyonce’s Pepsi contest. The two submitted a video imitating Beyonce and the rest is #BeyHive stan history. Read first-hand about their experience below:


It all started when me & my best friend Catarina decided to participate in the contest Pepsi, in our country, Portugal. We had to make a video imitating Beyoncé, and the winner would win a trip to Oslo, Norway, on May 28th to see “The Mrs. Carter Show” and MEET BEYONCÉ ! We’re dancers, and Catarina is also a singer, so since I’m a HUGE Beyoncé fan, and my friend loves her too we had to rehearse some of Beyoncé’s moves and make this video, where she sang a little bit at the beggining too!

August continued:

we ended up WINNING the contest and have THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES!! Pepsi was amazing with us! They offered the trip, one night at a wonderful hotel close to the Arena and this amazing gifts, such as a pepsi bag, head-phones and t-shirts with Beyoncé’s face on it. We went to the Pre-Party, before the concert, in a beautiful place decorated with pictures of Beyoncé (the pepsi ads) with food and drinks and good music. There whe got our tickets and also the VIP passes to theMeet & Greet !! We watched LidoLido’s concert (opening for Bey) and then Mrs. Carter Show began! What an AMAZING CONCERT !!! She was surprised with how crowded the arena was and she gave us 100% on stage! With all the dancing, the INCREDIBLE vocals, the beautiful clothes… just BEYONCÉ as we know it! During Halo we had to get together to go backstage for the meet & greet. They told us no phones or cameras were allowed and we could not give anything to Beyoncé. The meeting was in groups of 10 (three groups) but Beyoncé’s team told us (the portuguese fans from the video) that they were going to interview us and we were gonna meet her after everybody, just the two of us!!

IT WAS A-MA-ZING! I’m a fan of Beyoncé since ten years now, i’ve seen her twice, in Portugal, but she still was a great surprise for me! She’s incredibly beautiful, PERFECT, and so humble and nice to her fans! She’s such a sweet lady! We had the opportunity to tell her about how much we love her and enjoyed the show, how incredible and unbelievable that moment was and even tell her about our video! She seemed very interested in what we did and she wanted to watch the video! So the guy that was there, from her team I guess asked me if i could send the video by e-mail, but I had taken a brned CD and gave it to him. Beyoncé seemed pleased and told us she would watch it! We were gettin emotional (especially Catarina, who started crying) so she gave us a hug! Then we took a picture with her and she even noticed that her nails color was matching with Catarina’s! So cute! I said: “thank you Beyoncé, I love you!” When she was leaving she said goodbye and thanked everyone, and turned to us and said: “Oh my God, I can’t wait to watch the video, I’m gonna watch it right now!”. I will always remember that moment, and this PERFECT trip! Hopefully she has seen the video and we hope she say something about it! We love her.

And for my favorite part. Watch the winners perform to a Beyonce medley.