Life Lessons, Tupac & Entrepreneurship: My Father’s Day Interview With My Dad

jasmine brand-interviews dad-fathers day

My brother & I with my father.

Hands down, my father is one of the most insightful men that I’ve ever known. And while I rarely share personal ‘stuff’ about my family, I felt it only right to interview my dad on Father’s Day. I don’t take it for granted that my father is in my life. He’s funny, charming, a sharp business man–I could go on and on. Anywho, check out our interesting conversation about fatherhood, life lessons and business.

Jasmine Brand: Dad, it’s great chatting w/ you again on Father’s Day. Last year, you weren’t a grandfather. In one word, describe how it feels to be a grandfather?


JB: You have three granddaughters at this point, all under two. As their grandfather, what’s the most important lesson about life you would like to teach them?

When your think your life is tough, watch Roots and Django which apparently many of our young children (and parents) don’t do. Also, as I have both girls, if he doesn’t love you at 6 a.m., he damn sure don’t love you at 1 a.m.

JB: What’s the difference between being a father and a dad?

The name Father is a freebie but dad, you have to earn.

JB: Your father, my grandpa, died years ago. If you had an opportunity to ask him one question, that he could answer, what would it be?

Are you as proud of me as a dad as I am of you?

JB: How many cups of coffee do you have per day?

5 cups, as it compliments my daily dosage of “nervous medicine”.

JB: Let’s talk business for a bit. There are a lot of people in my generation that are thinking of running or opening their own business. You and I have had endless conversations about being an entrepreneur. What kind of advice can you give someone that’s contemplating making that move?

If you are motivated by money, stay employed. If you are motivated by a Passion, take the plunge. There is nothing wrong with working for someone and here is why. It takes a strong person to work for a company where you may have to kiss your boss’s A$$, endure dumb co-workers, see people 1/2 as talented as you get promoted, etc. I am in my 22nd year of running my own company and I’ve endured so much pain and hardship, it is unbelievable but I would do it all over again.

JB: Who’s your favorite rapper?


JB: Give me your favorite rap line?

After 22 years of runnin this game, “ALL EYES ON ME”

JB: What’s a flaw of yours, that took you awhile to embrace?

I am hard on my kids and I have to realize your generation did not see what hardships our parents, neighbors, relatives went through to help us succeed.

JB: What does God mean to you?

The Miracle worker, daily

JB: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

16, the summer of 72.

JB: What are you most proud of?

That I have been blessed to be in my kids lives.

JB: Name your favorite movie.

Training Days cus “King Kong aint got sh.. on me”

JB: I’m not married yet, what kind of characteristics should my husband have?

Confident and not intimidated by a strong woman, can argue and get over it in 15 minutes, make enough money to support you while you build your dream, The Jasmine BRAND.

JB: How does a man know he’s in love?

‘Don’t talk of Love, I’ve heard the word before, it is sleeping in my memory’.

JB: If you could ask God one question, that he’d answer loud and clear, what would it be?

Are you satisfied with the life I lead?

JB: Anything else you’d like to say???

Keep up the good work Jasmine and remember to pace yourself. Life is not a sprint but a marathon.

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