Andre 3000 On Why He Hasn’t Been Creating New Music: My Confidence Is Not There

Andre 3000 On Why He Hasn’t Been Creating New Music: My Confidence Is Not There

As new artists come out of the woodworks, icons like Andre 3000 are pressing pause on releasing new music.

The unique musician opened up about why fans shouldn’t expect new music from him anytime soon.

He spoke with Rick Rubin on the “Broken Record” podcast.

“I haven’t been making much music, man. My focus is not there, my confidence is not there.”

Even though one can still find Andre 3000 in the studio from time to time, he added,

 “I haven’t been motivated to do a serious project. I’d like to, but it’s just not coming. In my own self, I’m tryna figure out where do I sit. I don’t even know what I am and maybe I’m nothing. Maybe I’m not supposed to be anything.”

He added,

“I’m just trying to find out what makes me feel the best right now, and what makes me feel the best is when I just do these random kind of instrumental kind of things. They make me feel the most rebellious.”

While he’s a legend in his own right, he added that other opinions certainly have an impact.

“Any little thing I put out is instantly attacked, not in a good or bad way. People nitpick it with fine-tooth combs. ‘Oh, he said that word!’ And that’s not a great place to create from. And it makes you draw back and maybe I don’t have the confidence that I want or the space to experiment like I used to.”

Andre 3000’s most recent album was Outkast’s Idlewild, which was released in 2006. But just last year, he released the “Look Ma No Hands” EP on Soundcloud.

For now, fans can still enjoy classics like “Hey Ya!”

And, he’s s been spotted playing the flute in the most random places.

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