Terrell Owens Says Visiting Ochocinco In Jail Was Humbling

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It’s been little less than a week, since Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson was ordered to do 30 days in a county jail. The former NFL’er’s sense of humor, or lack of judicial respect, landed him in hot water last week. Long story short, Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh angrily rejected a no-jail plea deal after the 34-year-old playfully slapped his attorney on the backside in court. He began his stint on June 10th, with his last tweet before leaving the free world:

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Fast forward to the present day and Ocho’s good friend, former NFL’er, Terrell Owens, visited him in jail. TO recounted his experience on twitter:

Just visited the homie @ochocinco. He’s in good spirits, he needs a haircut already tho. Lol. He sends his best regards to everyone. That was the 1st time ever visiting someone in jail & hopefully the last. That’s not a place anyone wants to be regardless of how many days. I really didn’t know what to expect but to see the homie locked up is a very humbling experience, to talk to him via vid conference let me … know that’s not where anyone wants to be. I know he’s only in the county jail but to someone that has never been locked up…Jail is Jail!

What do you think about Ocho being ordered to jail for 30 days–did the judge over-react or was it an appropriate punishment for Ocho’s behavior?