Tyrese Gibson & Naomie Harris To Star In Crime Thriller “Black and Blue”

Tyrese Gibson, Naomie Harris

Tyrese Gibson & Naomie Harris Set to Star In Crime Thriller “Black and Blue”

Tyrese Gibson is set to star in a new movie alongside Oscar-nominee Naomie Harris. “Black and Blue” is a crime thriller ordered by Screen Gems set to tell the story of a rookie cop (Harris) in New Orleans who witnesses crooked cops murder a drug dealer; which is all captured on her body cam. Harris’ character is faced with a harrowing future when the murder is pinned on her.

Harris is then faced with the issue of being hunted by narcs who aim to eliminate the implicating footage, as well as drug dealers who are out for revenge. Gibson will be playing an aspiring artist who teams up with Harris to stop the bad guys.


Deon Taylor, who wrote and directed “Traffik” will also direct the project with Gibson and Harris. “Black and Blue” will be written by Peter A. Dowling.

Authored by: Kellie Williams