[WATCH] Kelly Rowland Admits She’s In Love, But Says She Feels Like She’s Missing Out Because She’s Not Married

kelly rowland-on wendy williams show-the jasmine brand And Kelly just keeps opening up…. With the release of  “Dirty Laundry,” Kelly Rowland gave a very intimate glimpse into her personal life.  The 32-year-old year singer stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and dished (very  candidly) on her plastic surgery, her abusive relationship and new boo. Peep the excerpts below.

On admitting that she had breast implants:

I did. I did. I am very honest about that. The only reason why I’m honest about that is because I think that so many women inquire about it. And I think that so many people are jumping into surgery nowadays, and I think that its important that you take the time, understand what you’re getting yourself into, be healthy, you know get everything done properly. You know, so you’re not just going in there blindsided, you know. I got it done under the muscle. It was smarter. They look cuter.

On her abusive relationship:

I was in a relationship that was so hard on me. It was a long time. It was about three and a half, maybe four years. And nobody knew about it of course. Like I said, like you’ll never know. In the song I make that very clear.  But I was just, even thinking about it is just so crazy.  You know what I mean? That I could actually think of, not think even more of myself in that time to get out of it. You know what I mean? And I think that’s what is so important about “Dirty Laundry” to me is because I wanted young girls to know that if they are in these relationships, they’ve got to get out.

On if the abuse was emotional or physical:

I’d rather not get into the details of it, because I don’t think that’s important. To me, the most important thing was sharing the message, telling young girls that this is real, and letting them know I’m human. I’ve made bad mistakes, good decisions, bad decisions and I’m human at the end of the day even though all of this is nice, I’m human.

On if she’s in a relationship now: 

I am dating. I do (love him.) I do want to get married. I feel like I’m missing out. I really really do. I’m missing out on love, and marriage and I‘m 32 now. He’s just a good guy, and I’m just very happy. I love it.

On if she was engaged in the past:

Oh. Yeah. Been there, done that. Ex talk is ex talk. Don’t wanna talk that. It’s not worth talking about. Sorry.

On if Beyoncé is pregnant again:

 Stop it. *laughs* Stop it.

Check out the full interview here:

In other Kelly news, her newest album “Talk a Good Game” is now in stores, she has joined the American “X Factor” team of judges and has not mentioned a Destiny’s Child album in the works.

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