[VIDEO] Rasheeda Puts Kirk On Blast + Watch Full Episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Looks like the exclusive ear hustlin’ that we shared recently about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost and Rasheeda was true-unfortunately. Last month, we reported that a very pregnant Rasheeda and her husband-ger (husband/manager) were not doing so well. A source, close to the couple, shared exclusively with us that although Rasheeda is expecting a child, Kirk is dating another woman in Atlanta. What do we think? Here’s what we know. We noticed tension between Rasheeda and Kirk at the Atlanta premiere party. They both arrived in different cars and at different times and barely spoke a word to each other.

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Initially, we assumed that they were playing it up for the cameras, but unfortunately, it may be more to it. Last month, while we were making our ATL rounds, the source said that Kirk’s new ‘boo’ isn’t on the show, isn’t an A-list celeb, but is known in Atlanta (we’ve heard the woman’s name, but aren’t convinced that it’s her–yet). At this point, it’s pure speculation and could be a pesky rumor, but only time will tell. Also, in a recent interview, Kirk did address divorce court rumors explaining:

Have things gotten rough for us? Yes. You guys are gonna see a lot of it on the show. A lot of the stuff honestly we put it on broadway. You are gonna get a lot deeper into Kirk and Rasheeda. Me and Rasheeda are definitely friends for sure. Rasheeda is really emotional right now, she really is pregnant.

So what’s the latest drama off the screen between them? Over the weekend, according to good ole Instagram, the two were in a heated exchange about Kirk picking up one of his children. Apparently, Kirk was ducking a call or two and Rasheeda decided to blast him on her Instagram page with the following message:

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Just a tad bit embarrassing, right?

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Anywho, check out Monday’s episode for more drama.