Black Enterprise Interviews Jasmine BRAND, ‘An Objective Side of Pop Culture’

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Hey friends! Recently, I was featured in Black Enterprise, for their ‘Black Blogger Month‘ series. I was VERY honored that I was given the opportunity to provide a glimpse into what motivated me to launch I won’t go off on a tangent here, but going out on my own (being an entrepreneur ), has been one of the most challenging times in my life. In the near future, I’ll share more (I don’t want to bore your Saturday any further!), but for now check out a few excerpts of my interview.

I started blogging because…

When I was younger I wanted to a journalist…then I went to college and found out how much journalists make. So I was like, ‘Let’s just do PR and marketing and see how that works out.’ I always loved writing, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to talk about. So I figured, let me just start this hobby out…and [eventually] started to talk about pop culture. I started breaking stories…and reaching out to who I was talking about or who I was referring to. I wanted readers to decide what they thought about the story as opposed to me giving my two cents all the time.

My blog became less of a hobby when…

[My] corporate, nice, comfy job… basically, they gave me an ultimatum. I was making good money, and [my job] found out about the site and it was cool at first, then it started growing. I was getting up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning because I had to post and take care of my site before I went to work. It was a lot for me, but my job was like, ‘Look, you can’t do both.’ [They] basically said, ‘Either you run this site or you stick with the job.’ I was just like, ‘Alright, I’ll see ya’ll later.’ And I decided to go 100% and do [the blog] full-time.

I realized The Jasmine Brand was becoming a success…

When other outlets started sourcing me, reaching out to me and using me as someone that was credible. I knew that the traffic was really picking up, so I was like, ‘Okay, these people are reading this,’ but it didn’t dawn on me until…Vibe Vixen reached out to me and named me on one of their lists, and people started referencing me. But I’m nowhere near where I want to be so I’m not patting myself on the back at all.

Click here for the full story. P.S. Readers, Internet Friends and Family, I appreciate you dearly for sticking around and being patient as we continue to grow. Your emails, comments, criticism means the world to me. P.S.S. Kudos to the other dope bloggers (past and present) who have been featured–I’m in GREAT company!!!