T-Pain Releases “Laugh N Dab” Video [Watch]

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Rapper, singer & producer T-Pain (born Faheed Naim) dropped his new video, “Laugh N Dab”. The video is self directed and takes aim at the haters over the world. He raps,

Why is you mad? Why is you pissed?
Is it cause you living like that?
Is it cause I’m living like this?
Is it cause I’ve been on my job
Is it cause you ain’t doin’ shit?
Is it cause I walk out the jewelry store with this ridiculous shit on my wrist
I got no time to be takin’ my eye off the ball

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You said you wasn’t mad but it look like you is after all
Holla at me later, put that shit on my tab
Oh, now you a hater? I just sit back and laugh
But first let me dab
Look how much I give a shit
Flames on everything Pain saying, my shit is lit
Same thing from befo’, bruh
My chain hang to the flo’, bruh
This for you niggas that thought it was over.

See the video below.

T-Pain is currently working on his long-awaited album “Stoicville: The Phoenix.”

By -@ms_hip_hop

Authored by: TJB Writer