No Girlfriend Left Behind, Big Sean Explains Why He’ll Always Make Music About Ex Girlfriend, Ashley

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This has been an insanely busy week for rapper Big Sean (real name Sean Anderson). In addition to releasing a highly buzzed single called ‘Control’, with Kendrick Lamar (it didn’t make the cut due to sampling, but it sure as hell had hip-hop enthusiasts ‘chattering’, along with a few rappers defending themselves lyrically), he’s also making waves for his love life. Earlier this summer, he made his public debut with his new girlfriend, singer/actress Naya Rivera. [BTW, over the weekend, she released her own song called, ‘Sorry’ which some suggest is taking aim at Big Sean’s ex girlfriend(s).]

But he’s still rhyming about his long-term girlfriend, Ashley Marie, on his new album. Why? Well that’s a perfectly good question. I mean, one would think that once a relationship is OVAH, including them in artistic material should be as well, but not for the Detroit native. In an interview with Power 106 he explained:

I wrote that about her when were together and it was like one of the first songs I made for the album, so even though things didn’t work out between me and her, she helped me out a lot. She was definitely my first love, she was somebody that supported me. I’ve known her since high school but we didn’t start dating until we were 18. Like I said, she was always somebody who was at my first shows, when hardly anybody was there, her and her friends dancing to it, she pumping my music. One of my biggest supporters always. A real woman, when we were young just going through a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes, she made a lot of mistakes and unfortunately it didn’t work out. I made that song about her, it’s real beautiful song, it has Miguel singing on it. It’s a good song and just because I wasn’t with her, I  didn’t want to not want to pay homage to her.

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He continued:

She deserves a lot of great music dedicated to her, she’s an awesome girl. Even though I got a new situation going on, I’ll probably have new songs about that later on. I was inspired by Ashley for the song, I wrote the song and just because things change doesn’t mean I’m going to change that, cause that’s not ethical. I got nothing but love for her, I personally haven’t talked to her. I don’t know how she feel about me so I can’t speak on that. I definitely respect her and I hate how much I even have to talk about her. I’m not trying to put any negative attention on her or unnecessary or unwanted things on her. She inspired me for that song so that’s what it was.

Peep the entire interview below.

Big Sean’s second album ‘Hall of Fame’ will be in stores August 27. P.S. Ladies, what are your thoughts? Would you take issue of an ex rhyming about you, post break-up?

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