[VIDEO] More Ratchet TV Makes Its Way to Atlanta, Introducing ‘Swingers’ Reality TV Show

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The southern city of Atlanta is known for housewives, music and now, swingers? New reality show ‘Secret Sex Lives: Swingers‘ will follow four married couples, balancing everyday life, career and children but double as swingers behind closed doors, choosing to sleep with others recreationally. Set in Atlanta, the four part series will highlight the internal struggles the couples face as they keep their lifestyle hidden from family and friends. The psychology and ins and out of the swingers scene will be shown as the couples face strong backlash for exposing their choices to loved ones while attempting to dispel rumors about their lifestyles.  Couple Jaymee and Everett stated about the show:

The biggest misconception about the swinger lifestyle is that we’re hooking up with people day and night, or that I’m a stripper or something. When I found out I was pregnant my first thought was “thank God I haven’t hooked up with any other guys lately, so it’s definitely Everett’s baby.”

Everett added:

I’m not like Tiger Woods, picking up chicks behind Jaymee’s back and hooking up with them.’

Peep the trailer below.

The show will air on the Discovery Fit & Health Channel beginning Saturday, September 7 @10 PM. Will you tune in?

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