[VIDEO] Tamar Braxton Says She’s Praying For K.Michelle, ‘She’s Been Bullying Me’ + Read What She Says About LHHA’s Joseline Hernandez

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If you’re fans of either singer or reality star, you’re familiar with their passive aggressive and sometimes overt beef. Who am I referring to? K.Michelle (real name Kimberly Pate) of Love & Hip Hop and Tamar Braxton (of ‘Braxton Family Values’ and ‘Tamar & Vince’) are far from friends and their beef has a bit of history. Where does the tension between the two originate from? Tamar is friends with Toya Wright (the ex-wife of Lil Wayne) who is married to music producer Memphitz. Memphitz use to date K.Michelle. On the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, K.Michelle revealed that Memphitz had been abusive during their relationship. Toya has adamantly denied reports that her now husband had an abusive past, causing friction between her and K.Michelle. That tension has spilled over to Toya’s friends, one of them being Tamar Braxton. If you’re a twitter lurker, you’ve peeped an occasional subliminal tweet between Tamar and K.Michelle. And Earlier this week,  K. Michelle subliminally referenced Tamar after she felt the singer spoke negatively about her hair which was styled similarly like hers. Tamar tweeted:

Damn! I lost my wig. #shadebutnoshade ;)

K.Michelle then tweeted:

You didn’t lose your wig, Kermit snatched it. Rebel against muppets gone wild! No shade. Rebel against lip synching and buying ur own singles. Noshade.

In an interview with 97.9 The Box Studios, Tamar commented on the Rebellious Soul singer:

Like why you mad? Like seriously, why you mad? She just has a problem in general. She’s been bullying me and just acting like a fool and we’re just going to pray for her.

She also commented on issues with Joseline Hernandez, another LHHA cast member.

I don’t want to be a cast member, I actually own my show. Good seat. With a seat belt on.

Check the interview out below:

Can’t these crazy kids just get along? P.S. Whose side are you on? #ExcuseMyMessyQuestion

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