Ja Rule Prepping For Reality TV Show: ‘Television Needs More Positivity’

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With less than 90 days out of jail, rapper Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Atkins) wants to give fans an inside look into his life.

In an interview with Vibe, he explained:

First and foremost anything that I try to do, I try to bring my professionalism and creativity to the table and I think with myself and Cris. When all of our minds get together, collectively we all get together, it’s going to be incredible. It is a good family show. Television needs more positivity, especially young black families to look at. To see that it is not just negativity when it comes to Black couples on television, but also a lot of good families out there raising kids and doing good things out there. And also have fun out there and it doesn’t have to be corny.

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With successful shows like “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” “Run’s House,” and “Marrying The Game,” Chris Abrego, who will produce the show, is convinced there’s plenty of room for Ja.

“I’ve been in this business long enough to know that everyone thinks they belong on television, that they have a big enough personality, or interesting enough lifestyle, that regular people will want to watch them. Ja is one of those rare cases where it really is the truth. You can’t help but watch this guy.”

In addition to reality TV hopes, he’s also set to hit the big screen in the movie, ‘I’m In Love With A Church Girl’, alongside Adrienne Bailon.


Check out the storyline:

Miles Montego (Ja Rule) has it all – cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Miles is a retired high level drug trafficker who is now completely legitimate. Even though Miles has turned over a new leaf, the DEA can’t seem to let him out of their sights. Miles’ only downfall is that he is extremely loyal to his circle of friends and former colleagues who are not retired from the lucrative business. Struggling to keep on the right side of the law, Miles meets the one girl of his dreams but she’s not the usual type of girl that he’s used to dating. Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon) is a church girl in every sense of the word. They are tested to their last ounce of faith and strength in God and each other. God continues to chip away at Miles through struggles from his past, having to live up to his reputation, feelings of unworthiness, the death of his mother…

What are your thoughts on Ja Rule joining reality TV? Would you watch? 

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