[VIDEO] Tami Roman Defends Bringing Up Infidelities of Tasha Marbury’s Hubby + WATCH Basketball Wives Episode 2

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‘I know this is a champagne house hold, but do you have any Bud Light?’

Finally! In episode two, viewers meet the freshest face of Basketball Wives, Tasha Marbury. One of the more interesting story-lines of the episode was the ‘introductory’ meeting of sorts and the rumors about her husband, who plays professional basketball overseas, Stephen. [Backstory: In 2006, news hit that Thurayyah Mitchell was the former mistress and personal chef of  Stephon. Rumor has it, Marbury agreed pay Mitchell $900,000 to keep quiet about their affair, even signing an agreement to these terms. However, the former NBA baller stopped paying at around $600,000, thus, Mitchell sued him for the additional amount left over. In 2012, a judge ordered Marbury to pay the remaining $331,584.50, blah, blah, blah]. Prior to meeting, cast mates Tami Roman and Suzie Ketchum discussed ‘the chef’ in great details. During the episode, Tami explained her actions on twitter writing:

I wasn’t being messy, I was trying to be armed in case Tasha tried to play me LOL … I do feel bad something like that happened in her relationship tho … I felt bad and told Suzie not to say anything once we got to Tasha house, but she did anyway-better to ask face to face than behind her back …

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She also did a video blog, recapping the episode admitting that perhaps asking Suzie to bring up the hot topic (‘top chef’ remix) wasn’t the best idea. She also clarified her statement about Evelyn Lozada’s involvement with PETA’s non-fur (I’d Rather Go Naked) campaign. [Click here to watch: Tami Roman’s “Basketball Wives” Video Blog- Episode 2 (8/26/13) from Tami Roman on Vimeo].

Check out the full episode below.