[VIDEO] LHHA’s Karlie Redd Lands Role In New Chris Rock Movie With Gabrielle Union

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While some critics are dismissive of reality TV stars in front of the big screen serious, it’s certainly becoming a trend. The days of reality TV stars, only doing reality TV, is over. Case in point, Karlie Redd (real name Karlie Lewis) of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The Trinidadian is hitting the big screen and has landed a role in a new Chris Rock film.

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In an interview with Hot 97, she confirmed her new acting gig:

I’m in a movie with Chris Rock coming out in March/April. It’s called ‘Entitled Chris Rock’…Gabrielle Union’s in it. Kevin Hart’s in it. Umm, Rosaria Dawson. It’s a comedy. Cedrick the Entertainer. The movie is great. I can not wait. While other people are doing stripper movies, I’m making movies.

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According to good ole google, we’ve learned that this won’t be Karlie’s first stint in the acting world. In 2001, she was featured in Black Spring Break 2: The Sequel and was a contestant on Scream Queens in 2007Check out more of the interview where she talks about her music career, status with Benzino and criticism that she’s received about allegedly leaking his infamous package pic.

On her music career:

Well, the fact that I have a coupe single situations on the table…I’m doing shows. I’m performing everywhere….It’s kinda like a singing rapping it’s called a ‘Sing Jay’….I’m a Caribbean princess.

If she still has beef with K.Michelle:

Actually we don’t have a beef anymore. We squashed it. We hang out, I helped her pack.

If her relationship with Benzino on season 1 was authentic:

In the beginning when we first met, I hafta admit he did do things to sweep me off my feet…I dont know what happened, he just started seeming fake. Benzino tries to put on a front…He was just another man just doing something just for the moment.

How she felt about seeing Benzino’s nude photo leak and sexual preference in ‘size’:

I gotta a lot ridicule….some people  said I liked it. He’s never even sent me a pic. Alot of ppl said, ‘Why could you eff that small thing?’ I like small d***s. Let’s clear the air. I don’t like huge d***k guys. I’m being honest.


karlie redd-new movie with chris rock 2013-the jasmine brand