Johnny Gill Pissed At Media: I Did Not Get My Ass Kicked By A White Man!

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We stand corrected. Earlier this week, we reported that Johnny Gill hit a Beverly Hills hotel with a lawsuit over an incident that resulted in him being attacked by a racist, drunk Caucasian man. Wild, right?  Courthouse News Service, reported that Gill claimed the assault occurred on August 23, 2011. In the lawsuit, the New Edition member filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, stating that he was conversing with friends in the dining/cocktail area of the Four Seasons hotel at about 11 p.m. on the night of the altercation. Without provocation, he claims an unnamed Caucasian assailant allegedly began hurling racially inflammatory remarks at the performer. So what did we get wrong? Apparently the most important part to the singer–the part suggesting that he got his a** kicked. This week, the singer called media outlets out about relaying inaccurate information. On twitter he wrote:

The day that the media get something right about me will probably be the day that hell freezes over! lol i read that i got in a fight and got beat,lmao! there’s a lot of things that can in life but getting my *ss beat is not one. to take half of a story and turn it up side down,whoever’s printing the shit need to get there ass beat! how *ss backwards the media is.

He also clarified with EURWeb what REALLY happened, stating:

I just started getting phone calls from everybody saying ‘Hey, I heard you got beat up. Is it something that I don’t know about. A couple of years ago, I was out with friends for dinner and this white guy comes over and he’s plastered and I’m talking with one of my girlfriend’s friend … she’s Caucasian, and he starts making some comments … I looked at him like, ‘you talkin’ to me?’ [then] jumped up to, you know, get in his ass and one of my friends who was at the table jumps up too and he grabs me and pulled me back to not hit this guy … I tripped over a heat lamp at the hotel. So nothing ever happened. A fight never took place…

So in short, he claims that  he went to the hospital later because his shoulder was hurting and the doctors said his shoulder was “dislocated.” The singer then contacted the Four Seasons Hotel to relay what happened; and asked them to pay the hospital costs because he had gotten injured on their property. They refused and his lawyer encouraged him to file a lawsuit. Stay tuned!