Tami Roman Criticizes Castmates Shaunie & Evelyn Lozada, Tasha Marbury ‘Fesses Up About Cheating Hubby + Watch Full Episode 3 or ‘Basketball Wives’

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‘Yes, it happened’. On episode three of Basketball Wives, Tasha Marbury came clean about the reports that her ex NBA baller (Stephon Marbury) husband did in fact cheat on her with one of the members of her cleaning staff. The freshest face to the Basketball Wives franchise ‘fessed up, after Suzie Ketchum asked her during their introductory dinner. Another doozy during the third episode is the story-line brewing between Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada. During the episode, Shaunie remained mum on Twitter, but not Miss Roman. The ex-wife of Kenny Anderson wrote:

B*tches I dont hate – ALL OF YALL KNEW MY MOM WAS IN THE HOSPITAL…come on stop trying to f*ck me and keep it 100..Lets talk about reaching…for drama!!! I NEVER HATE & ALWAYS SUPPORT YALL. Dis right here, right here IS STRAIGHT BULLSH*T … I didnt hear either of yall say this to me…wear ur big girl panties in private or we’ll address it at the reunion #thatisall

What exactly was she referring to?

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According to her video post, most of her comments were aimed at her skipping Evelyn’s birthday party and if she was envious that Ev got the P.E.T.A campaign:

Now, Shaunie, got some balls and she wanted to say what she wanted to say….Now I didn’t hear one word of this, none of that–to me. So that’s another thing we will address at the reunion. I am tired of trying to tell people of who I am. I think I should be afforded the opportunity to let people get to know me.

 She continued:
This whole PETA incident. I don’t hate on none of y’all b*tches and y’all know that…The truth of the matter is, my mother was in the hospital. And this is not a muthafuck TV show, this is real life…You guys know why I was not at that party….At the end of the day, I’m the only chick in this clique that supports EVERYBODY in what EVERYBODY is doing. That is one thing I did not appreciate tonight.

Ouch! Anywho, check out the full episode below.