David Ortiz Wasn’t The Intended Target In Dominican Republic Shooting, Says Prosecutors 

David Ortiz

David Ortiz Wasn’t The Intended Target In Dominican Republic Shooting, Says Prosecutors

As more information is discovered about the shooting of ex Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, the case seems to be more bizarre. It turns out, prosecutors in the case say Ortiz wasn’t the intended target in the shooting that took place earlier this month. The new report comes amid speculation that a drug lord ordered a hit on Ortiz because Ortiz was allegedly sleeping with the man’s wife. While still looks like there was actually a hit ordered, it just wasn’t on Ortiz, according to reports.

David Ortiz

Instead, it was on his friend, Sixto David Fernandez, who was sitting at the same table with Ortiz in the bar where men pulled up on motorcycles and opened fire. The alleged shooter was sent a snapshot of Fernandez, but he and Ortiz were apparently wearing similar outfits that night, so the gunman mixed them up.

Still, prosecutor Jean Alain Rodriguez Sánchez said their investigation will go on just the same.

“The fact that David Ortiz wasn’t the target doesn’t change anything. The law is the same for everybody.”

But here’s where things get even crazier. So, the person who put out the hit is now said to be a man named Victor Hugo Gomez, who is Fernandez’s cousin.

Victor Hugo Gomez

Gomez is nearly fresh out of prison after being convicted in 2011 for several crimes in the Dominican Republic. Investigators are convinced Gomez put out the hit on Fernandez because he thinks his cousin turned him in to investigators back in 2011.

Gomez is reportedly in the U.S. as the DEA is looking for him for suspected connections he has to Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. Gomez along with two other suspects, Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase and Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota, are still at large. Mota is reportedly the one who took a picture of Fernandez while he was sitting at the bar with Ortiz, and showed it photo to the gunman, a man named Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, who confessed to being the shooter. Rodriguez Mota is also accused of paying $8,000 for the hit and facing attempted murder charges. As The Jasmine Brand previously reported, another man named Jose Eduardo Ciprián (AKA “Chunky”) also reportedly helped carry out the shooting from jail. He was previously identified as the mastermind.

José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián

Meanwhile, a total of 11 people have been arrested in the shooting that initially left Ortiz critically injured.

As for how Ortiz is doing, he was said to be in good condition as of Tuesday. He’s being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

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Authored by: Char Patterson