K.Michelle Accuses Tamar Braxton Of Buying Her Own Album to Generate Record Sales

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The claws have come back out! Just when we thought the beef between K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton was a done deal, we caught wind of another twitter tussle between the two. Last week, we shared that all was well (possibly) between them when K.Michelle encouraged her fans to purchase Tamar’s album. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star wrote:

Tuesday is going to be a great day for R&B. For years now we’ve been left with alot of gimmick music. All differences aside REAL MUSIC is coming back, and I’m blessed to be apart of it! I’m buying ALL for of these albums. Yes, even Tamar’s.

Sounds like a truce, right? Not exactly. This week, Tamar did stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club‘ and commented on K.Michelle extending a musical olive branch of sorts. The ‘Love & War’ singer responded:

I really don’t talk about ppl that bully and stuff. If you do one good gesture, does that make up for you calling me a muppet? Does that make up for you telling everyone I lip sync. I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about her. In my third day I’ve sold over 100,000 copies of my album, so we aren’t not even in the same conversation in life. So why are we doing this?

Ouch! After the interview hit, K.Michelle took back to twitter writing:

Humble yourself! You bout SEVERAL of those albums. I sold over a 100,000 albums 2, just 4 days after u. SHE is not winning like SHE thinks. Don’t worry about my album sales, worry about finding ur original face! My sales are REAL, nothing political ALL HARD WORK. You keep throwing rocks at me and then u run and hide behind Vince’s mans boobs! U not above getting checked shady boots!

She continued:

I’m really just trying to stay positive and live my life. I bought the album 2 support her and everything. I don’t get it. But I’m the bulley. Hmmmm. I don’t want ANY beef, with ANYONE. I’m blessed right now. So please stop COMING for me. I wish you well!

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