Tasha Marbury Says Her Husband Was Pissed She Joined Basketball Wives: The Show Has A Bad Reputation


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Reality TV newbie Tasha Marbury took the news in stride when she found out that friend of over 10 years, Evelyn Lozada (of Basketball  Wives) put the news of her husband cheating on her in her first book, ‘The Inner Circle.’ Hubby, Stephon Marbury had a very pubic affair with the family chef and now with the filming officially over, she is finally commenting on how she really feels.

tasha marbury-talks evelyn lozadas book-the inner circle-the jasmine brand

The 37-year-old mother of two and wife, recently told VH1 her thoughts on Lozada and joining the cast of the infamous show. Peep the excerpts below.

How she felt about Lozada putting her story in the book:  

I was a little taken aback by it. I thought as friends you would tell your friend if you’re writing a book or something you were going to put a portion of their life in a book, I think it was kinda wrong for her to do that. At the time she said that she didn’t think that it would come out or whatever the case may be. I don’t have a strong position on it either way. I found out the first day I filmed. I had no idea because I never read her book. It was kinda thrown at me. It has nothing to do with us being as close or cool as we were in the past. I’ve moved upward and onward from it. I don’t dwell on it. I can’t go back and erase it, but I’m not going to let that overshadow my life and stop me from being the person I am.

Stephon’s thoughts on her joining the show: 

To be quite honest, he wasn’t very happy about it because the show had such a bad reputation. He was totally against it. Once I decided to do the show, I just told him, ‘There’s nothing you can really say or do to change my mind.’ When I told him I had signed the contract, he was leaving to go to China. So, once he’s in China, there’s nothing that can be done.

The ladies have yet to hang together since filming wrapped and we have a feeling the reunion may be pretty interesting.

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