[WATCH] Magic Johnson Tells Arsenio Hall It’s A Blessing That His Son Came Out the Closet

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After a 19 year hiatus, Arsenio Hall is back booking A-listers the first week of his late night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show. This week, he chopped it up his good friend, businessman and retired NBA baller, Magic Johnson. During their conversation, Magic talked about how his 20-year-old son, Earvin III (E.J.), came out of the closet earlier this year, telling the public that he was gay.

magic johnson-talks gay son on arsenio hall show-the jasmine brand

[The backstory is E.J. stepped out hand-in-hand with his unidentified boyfriend on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, caught by TMZ cameras. He later released statements and personal videos confirming his sexuality]. Repeatedly, both Magic and his wife, Cookie, have expressed how proud they are of their son’s courage. Magic shared this same sentiment with Arsenio, explaining:

The blessing is he came out, about a couple months ago and announced to the world that he’s gay and I just love how the world supported him….And cookie and I love him to death and it was interesting…you love your son, you love your kids and you want the best for them. And I was really concerned that he was going to be okay. And Arsenio, four or five TV stations have called. They wanna build shows around him. And he’s getting all this incredible support..And I wanna thank everybody because you know it was tough for him because he has to make that decision that he wanted to share with the world.

Check the clip:

Looks like we’ll be seeing E.J. on TV in the very near future.