Beauty Expert & Celeb Make-Up Artist AJ Crimson Uses Instagram to Inspire: ‘I’ve always gave it a shot!’

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If  you’re anything like me, you thrive off of inspirational pick me-ups. Each morning I search and post an inspirational message on Instagram. Its the remix of reading a Bible verse in the a.m. (not that quotes can replace the good book…please don’t judge me). This week, I found myself reading a bit of food for thought from celebrity make-up artist, AJ Crimson. Those of you who are into all things beauty, make-up and products, are probably familiar with A.J. But some of us (*raises hand*) who can barely blend blush in w/out looking like a clown, may have never heard of this dapper gentleman (who has his very own line and hosts classes for aspiring MUAs). The quick and dirty is he’s beat tons of celebs of faces (Brandy, Alexandra Burke, Fergie, etc.), positioned himself as a beauty expert, etc. But that’s besides the point. The point is, everyone that’s been successful has struggled, sacrificed and pushed forward, even when things didn’t look so bright. Read a short message that he shared on his Instagram. Hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.

How can you afford not too? If I didn’t take a chance, risk it all, several times from the 3 day greyhound ride to LA with my last $500 ( and 20k of debt behind me) I would have never made it here. To end up with Fergie, @keyshiacole and @christinamilianas my first clients. If I had never left for Europe with only $750. I would have never worked on Dior, Galliano, YSL and Valentino under @patmcgrathrealin Paris. If I never just put all I had into @KissableCouture there’d be no AJCRIMSON BEAUTY as we know it today. ( As there as been 2 other offerings i tested) Those lesson have afforded me so many things. What will your investments afford you? Win or lose i’ve always gave it a shot. Things have most times worked out in big ways. The others I learned so much. I don’t care what others think cuz I validate me! I sometime validate them. So be strong step out on faith and believe that it will always be ok! Even when you can’t the sun on a gloomy day… It’s still shining on you! Your life, your dreams, your goals, are your responsibility to fulfill! People can help you along the way but ultimately it’s your decision to win or lose!

Now go be dope :)

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