[Video] Atlanta Housewife Porsha Stewart Visits Wendy Williams, Says Divorce Has Nothing to Do With Alleged Gay Rumors

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A real live ‘Hot Topic’ guest, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart stopped by the Wendy Williams Show this week. The reality star, who is on her second season of the BRAVO show, opened up about her pending divorce with former NFL’er, Kordell Stewart. The 32-year-old once kept woman, chatted about the gay rumors that plagued her husband and how this season, viewers will see a new side of her.

On having a conversation with Kordell, during their courtship, about rumors that he was gay: 
I just kept hearing so much about it, I decided to talk to him about it. There’s no way I can move to the next step and not talk to him about this.He just was very detailed about the whole situation. At the end of it he basically said there was no record so, I guess, it can’t be true because there’s no record. So. I don’t know, take what you want from that. That’s what he said.
On the real reason they are divorcing:
Whether he is gay or on the down-low, that had nothing to do with our break up. The breakup had to do with the treatment I was receiving as a wife.
On how the breakup happened:
NeNe and I had a couple of drinks. We had filmed all night… So when I got home it was around 11 and I was on the phone with NeNe while this happened.I pulled up to the house and there was a security guard there. I pulled in my driveway, he gets out the car, he stands in front: ‘I have been told to tell you not to come into this residence’. It got really really ugly, really really fast.
On why she choose love over her career:
 If anybody decided to be a 1950’s wife, it was me. I was an independent woman, I had my own businesses, and I was the boss. I had a lot of responsibility. So when I met a man that I could just cater to and just make him my world. I decided to be that way with him. I decided to make him and his son my everything. That was all on me.”
On moving back to her mother’s house:
She know’s that I’m used to having nice space. Not that her guest room wasn’t, you know, accommodating, but she wanted me to feel extra, extra comfortable. My mom totally spoils me.
On what to expect this season of RHOA: 
Last season, I understand that I came off as a little airy and all that. But that was me because I showed one side. I was being a loving, catering wife. People didn’t see who I really am. I live by the motto, no regrets, just lessons learned.
Peep the entire clip.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta