[WATCH] Miley Cyrus Goes Nude and Glittery In Future’s New Video ‘Real and True’

Future-Miley-Cyrus-Real-And-True-3-The Jasmine Brand

The timing is ironic, right? Less than 24 hours from smoking a joint on stage at MTV’s Europe Music Awards, and rocking a Tupac Biggie dress for the red carpet, Miley Cyrus is featured on new music. Some call it marketing, while some call it creativity, the 20-year-old sure has us talking. While puffing during her acceptance speech she told a live audience

You know I couldn’t fit this award in my bag, but I did find this, so thank you guys very much. Good night everybody. EMAs thank you for having me.

And this week, the former Hannah Montana is alongside rapper Future for his new ‘Real and True’, going nude and glittery. In the clip, Cyrus is found unconscious by two astronauts (Future and singer Mr. Hudson) revived and covered in glitter. She is later further examined where she wakes up and begins to sing. Future enjoyed worked with Cyrus on the song explaining,

Her vocals are very strong and emotional on the song. She brings that passion to this record. Miley is really cool and down-to-earth; she’s always fun to be around and I’m always cracking up when I’m on set with her.

Peep pics and the clip below.

Future-Miley-Cyrus-Real-And-True-The Jasmine Brand
Future-Miley-Cyrus-Real-And-True-2-The Jasmine Brand
Future-Miley-Cyrus-Real-And-True-5-The Jasmine Brand
Future-Miley-Cyrus-Real-And-True-4-The Jasmine Brand

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