Tinashe Hosts Live Instagram Concert [VIDEO]

Tinashe Gives 30-Minute Instagram Live Performance

Singer Tinashe took to Instagram on Friday (March 27th), for a live 30-minute concert performance from her home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 27-year-old says shares what’s most important to her during this sensitive period amid the global health crisis. Tinashe writes,

“Being able to bring all of us together as a community, as an extended family, is sooo important right now.”

She adds,

”We all need a little extra positive and live music is the best way I know how. Let’s go.”

Tinashe offered an entertaining vibe into thousands of viewers devices during her home self-quarantine. The “2 On,” singer took her performance up a notch with an up-beat tempo track, “Still Got.”

Tinashe recently opened up on why performing is her favorite part of being an artist explaining:

“For me, live performance is my favorite, number-one part of being an artist. The connection with the people and the performance element is a huge part of what I feel like I do best.”

She continues,

“So it seems really fitting to me that I would be a part of something that feels new and innovative, especially as an independent artist. It’s really exciting to just be a part of all these fun endeavors.”

Soon after her live performance on Friday, the singer says this was the night to her stay at home during her quarantine.

As previously reported, Tinashe was recently joined by her father for a cute dance off video for Tiktok. The now viral moment was seen over 3 million times. Tinashe says,

“That’s like my most viral tweet of all time. I did not expect that at all! It’s like, who knew that was the secret? Put my dad in my content.”


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Authored by: Gregory Molette