My Kid Is Cuter Than Yours! The Game Explains How His Daughter Makes Him Cry

The-Game-Daughter-Cali-Appear-On-The-Arsenio-Hall-Show-3-The Jasmine Brand

There’s nothing like the relationship between fathers and daughters. Known for his tough cry exterior, rapper The Game turned to mush on a recent appearance of The Arsenio Hall Show with three-year-old daughter, Cali. Cali captured hearts on season two of  VH1’s Marrying The Game with on again/off again fiancé Tiffney Cambridge. During the segment,  The Game (born Jayceon Taylor) further explained his feelings saying,

For any man that has a daughter, she means more to than life itself. When I look into her eyes, thats all I need to do to get me going. I mean I’m just motivated when I look at the little girl, I love her. Its almost like she’s a friend or somebody else’s child. I love her that much. I’m so intrigued.  I study her and she’s like ‘Daddy, what are you looking at? ‘ I’m just like you. She means so much to me….If I talk about her for more than thirty seconds I cry.

Arsenio later brought Cali out from backstage and the adorable factor was at an all time high. Game encouraged her to speak saying,

Cali, tell Arsenio something nice.

I love you.

Peep pics and the full clip below.

The-Game-Daughter-Cali-Appear-On-The-Arsenio-Hall-Show-The Jasmine Brand

The-Game-Daughter-Cali-Appear-On-The-Arsenio-Hall-Show-2-The Jasmine Brand

The-Game-Daughter-Cali-Appear-On-The-Arsenio-Hall-Show-4-The Jasmine Brand


(The Arsenio Hall Show)

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