[VIDEO] Kevin Hart Defends His Beyoncé Concert Stan Moment, ‘There Needs To Be A Man Represent the Beyhive too!’

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Last week, we shared hysterical footage of comedic actor Kevin Hart stanning out at a Beyoncé concert. Her Mrs. Carter show headed to Los Angeles’ Staples Center and the 33-year-old ‘Riding Out’ actor was front in center (along with his girlfriend Eniko Parish and Christina Milian) screaming Bey’s name with the other BeyHive fans. That footage circulated across the ‘net and during his appearance on the Tonight Show, he fesses up to what he says REALLY happened. He explained to Jay Leno:

Let me explain these photos….Heres the thing.

I know Beyonce, she’s a friend of mine. You don’t realize that you’re a huge Beyonce fan until you’re at a Beyonce show. Like I found myself singing all the songs in a masculine way, as a thug. I was having such a good time. They give out these little Beyonce hats, because they call this section (front row) the Beehive so they give out these little Beehive things to put on your head and all the girls had them on and I was like, ‘There needs to be a man to represent the Beyhive too’. And I put it on and it became more fun because everything was moving.

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He continued:

Beyonce comes over and at one point she hooks herself up and she like flies to the other section and I’m like standing there and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, its like Tinkerbell’. She flew like Tinkerbell. I started screaming and I was just being silly….I’m just being so annoying. And she turns and she’s like, ‘Shut up Kevin!’ Keep in my mind I don’t know that people are taking pictures and filming. So as I’m talking she takes the towel and throws it at me and she’s like, ‘Shut up Kevin’ and the towel hits me and immediately I don’t know where these guys popped up from [the] paparazzi. In the morning it was like, ‘Beyonce shoves towel in Kevin Hart’s mouth, inappropriate fan he was’. It was so much bad press.

Ha! Check out the full clip below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta