[VIDEO] Beyoncé Surprises Walmart, Gifts Shoppers With Gift Cards + Amazon Joins Target’s Protest

beyonce-visits walmart-boston-gifts shoppers-the jasmine brand

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, Beyoncé Knowles is in the building.

beyonce-visits walmart-gifts shoppers-i-the jasmine brand

Before performing at Boston’s TD Garden, Beyonce played Santa Clause, popping up at a Walmart in Tewksbury. While in the store, Mrs. Carter laced over 700 shoppers with $50 gift cards. The singer also wished everyone Happy Holidays over the store’s intercom system.

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beyonce-visits walmart-gifts shoppers-the jasmine brand

beyonce-visits walmart-gifts shoppers-a-the jasmine brand

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Beyonce released a surprise self-titled album last week via iTunes, which went on sale Friday at Walmart. Target opting out of selling the visual album, but Walmart decided to sell the 17 track albumWalmart spokesperson Sarah McKinney stated:

We’re gonna do whats right for the customer. Our customers obviously love Beyoncé and we want to make sure we have it in stores… and it will be on this Friday. We’re releasing the album in approximately 4,000 stores nationwide. Our customers love Beyoncé so we’re excited to be able to offer them her new album. I’m sure it will be a top gift this Christmas. People still love to buy physical CDs. There is a demand.

Taking a cue from Target, it appears Amazon is also protesting Beyonce’s exclusive deal with iTunes. According to Billboard, Amazon.com is carrying the MP3 version of the album. However, they are not stocking the CD version of the album, according to label sources and a check of the site. The album is available, however, via third-party sellers in the Amazon marketplace. In short, Amazon and some other merchants aren’t pleased with the preferential treatment given to Apple. Beyonce’s concert at the Garden is part of the “Mrs. Carter World Tour.”

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