Ciara Chastises Bloggers! Calls Them Miserable People, Needing Prayer

Ciara-Pens-Open-Letter-The Jasmine-Brand

Ciara is getting some things off her chest and there’s no time like the present to tell folk how you REALLY feel. The Atlanta native had a busy 2013, releasing a successful album, spawning the hit, ‘Body Party’ and becoming engaged to rapper Future. Forging ahead, the 28-year 0ld is focused on positivity and wants those in the media arena to follow suit. This week, she penned an open letter posing the question, “What Has Social Media Come To?” In the letter, she  candidly discusses how relentless and mean she feels the public can be and tells bloggers to use their sites to shed light instead of negativity ensuring that they will feels the effects of the words from karma. Peep the entire letter below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta