Floyd Mayweather Denies Losing $10Million on Super Bowl Game

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Somebody ‘done lied to you, at least according to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Earlier this week, reports swirled that the undefeated professional boxer had spent a pretty penny gambling on Super Bowl 48. In fact, he allegedly bet $40 million on the Denver Broncos. And as you know, if you watched the game, the Broncos lost, resulting in some of us speculating just how financially hurt Mayweather would be. According to Mayweather, rumors of him betting on the game were completely false. The 36-year-old took to his Instagram addressing the rumor writing:

Somebody lied to you all. If I was going to bet, I would have bet on the Seattle Seahawks. I’m the best defensive fighter, it’s only right to go with the best defensive team.

He added a photo with the following caption:

Congratulations Seattle Seahawks for winning the Super Bowl! For the record, I did NOT bet $10 million on The Broncos. As a matter of fact, I didn’t bet at all. I can’t control what rumors that are put out there. Good or bad publicity keeps me relevant. The only thing I would bet $10 million on is myself. From the looks of my record, I’m a guaranteed win. www.themoneyteam.com.

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This rumor, although untrue (according to Mayweather) isn’t too farfetched. He’s been known for gambling and making money off of his good luck and wealth.

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In similar Mayweather news, boxing fans were expecting for him to announce his next opponent. No official announcement has yet been released, but his next fight is allegedly, May 3rd.

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In the meantime, he has reportedly been working out and training at the gym, along with making a few appearances, doing charity work and making a few international trips (South Africa to be exact).

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