Joy Bryant Covers Rolling Out, Talks Sex Scene With Michael Ely: ‘The chemistry was already there.’

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About Last Night’s leading lady, Joy Bryant, covers the latest issue of Rolling Out, chatting about holding and playing opposite with Michael Ealy. She shares that before the project began, she was full aware that’s be having some intimate moments with handsome actor. She explains:

I think it’s pretty obvious when [sex scenes and nudity] are gratuitous. But if it makes sense — people do have sex — I don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s not gratuitous. If it’s not necessary, then we don’t need to do it. But I have a healthy comfort level in terms of my body in regards to shooting those kinds of scenes. Not that I think I’m all that! [laughs] But I’m cool with it if it serves the purpose of the piece.

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And in the film, which hits theaters today, there are some serious sex scenes between the two. Joy points to the already existing chemistry, explaining:

I knew going in there was a lot of sex in the original movie. I already knew that! We didn’t know each other very well, but we have mutual friends that we’re both really close to, and we met before — so that kind of made us ‘homies by proxy.’ So that was natural. The chemistry was already there and we came in with trust and feeling comfortable with each other. We didn’t have to act that. It was just there. You want to be comfortable with the person you’re intimate with, right? Well, it’s the same thing on set. It wasn’t a big trip for me. I think it all made sense. All those love scenes! [laughs]

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The actress also explains that her Bronx-bred upbringing and experience at Yale (she dropped out to pursue acting) helped develop a thick skin in Hollywood. She shares:

Getting into Yale, I’m already used to competition. It’s not easy to get into Yale. The possibility of rejection or having the odds stacked against you or a lot of people are gunning for your spot — that whole dynamic I understood. Coming into Hollywood, I wasn’t shaken at all. Not that I’m going to be the most successful actress ever, but I’m not scared. I’m not scared of rejection. Modeling prepared me for that. Sometimes the rejection can be so brutal and in your face — you have to get a thick skin. Coming into this business, I wasn’t really tripping on anything. What I view as mine to have, I will have. And I can wait it out.

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