Stranger, Danger! Overly Excited Khloe Kardashian Fan Almost Hurts Reality Star Over #Selfie

Khloe Kardashian is grabbed by an over excited fan

Stranger, danger!

Khloe Kardashian had an odd moment with an overly excited fan. Over the weekend, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star attended Miley Cyrus’ concert in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. While entering the building, the 29-year-old was swarmed by fans, which is pretty typical for the famous Kardashian sister. Well, one fan wanted a selfie and got a little bit too close for comfort, almost tackling Khloe with excitement. Khloe seemed unfazed on social media after the incident. 

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She later took to Instagram sharing photos of her mother (Kris Jenner), close friend Malika, rapper The Game and his assistant Leaux Steez. Check ’em out!