[AUDIO] Keyshia Cole Blasts ATL Radio After Negative Interview: I’m Done With Media! Kiss My a**!

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Everyone has been wanting a piece of Keyshia Cole ever since she released her relationship heavy music. Many feel its inspired by her troubled marriage and while she’s already let the cat out the bag via social networks, she’s really opening up on wax. However her interview with V103’s The Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith the ‘Rick James’ singer got more than she bargained for. The conversation was calm as she talked about her newest Juicy J-assisted track and the dissolving of her marriage but it quickly escalated when Wanda Smith asked if she was “wifey material”.

Do you feel like you were wifey material?

[Keyshia Cole] Y’all really f—king with my s—t right now, I got some other sh*t going on, what y’all want to talk about right now.

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I mean because you were so busy and your career was popping off —were you really ready for [marriage] or were you still trying to do your music thing?

[Keyshia Cole] Are you trying to insinuate that I was one-dimensional?

Don’t take it like that, I’m just asking—like Monica for instance, right now she’s a little quiet doing her thing.

Listen, Monica I’m sure she’s doing her thing. This isn’t the first rodeo for Monica, she’s been through the ringer and this that and another but at the end of the day we can handle all of that. Its just the point of the man taking care of his business. We’re good, we handle our s—, we do what we do, period. I don’t know what to tell you about that.

Ryan Camaroon tried to calm the situation by diverting the topic back to her music, but the damage was already done.

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Tell me about the project and what your working on give me something other than ‘Rick James’?

[Keyshia Cole] Nah because you didn’t call about ‘Rick James’, now i’m ready to check a b—.

Why did you get mad Keyshia?

They don’t give women enough credit. We juggle a lot, we take care of our men, we handle our job, we do all kind of craziness to make sure the household is stable and we don’t get enough credit for it. Make sure you’re taking care of home before you go out there and do what you do because men do what they do, I really don’t feel like there’s no dude out there that’s going to keep it 100. That’s what I see.

After hopping off the live radio call, Cole took to her Twitter to blast the station and proclaim her hiatus from interviews.

I’m done wit interviews for a minute! That interview with V103 left a very bad taste. And to be honest, I don’t deserve that kinda treatment

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While she attacked the station in every tweet they tagged her interview and music premiere in the station took a different approach by posing a question and retweeting fans comments on the spat between the singer and host. Check out some of the tweets they retweeted.

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What’s your take on it, should the singer have been offended by Wanda’s question or was she too defensive?

Listen to the interview in full on v103.

UPDATED 10:24 a.m. EST. Keyshia tweeted the following message after seeing the story:

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